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TV Fish

TV Fish

TV Fish is simply a fish with its head as the form of a television. He is well known for being able to show faded memories from your mind, and project them onto his TV screen. TV Fish rarely talks, and never approaches you directly.

Strategy (Soul Collector) Edit

To get TV Fish's soul, you must first locate the Dead Remote in the dungeon floor. After finding this you must go to the shop and get the batteries, trading items with worth value. After putting the batteries in the Dead Remote, you must go find the jukebox in the bar and knock on it. TV Fish is attracted to electrical waves so he appears after you do.

Once TV Fish appears, shoot him with the electrified remote and he will temporarily be stunned, thus dropping his soul.

Trivia Edit

  • Most people think that TV Fish only appears in the basements. This is incorrect, as you can see him on the First Floor in the bar by knocking on the Jukebox, however, the nervous fish may flee once he has you in sight.
  • TV Fish never speaks, but expresses his emotion though punctuation. For example, if he spots you, he will be surprised, thus saying '...!?'.
  • There is no knowledge of TV Fish attacking you in Soul Collector, even with his Lost Soul taken. Perhaps he's just shy or kind? Either way, do not worry if you see him, for he will not try and attack you... but some claim he does attack you at a very specific hour.
  • Apparently TV Fish is able to split into multiple kinds, or, there just multiple TV Fish, as seen in The Second Guest.