Room 104 - Catherine's Room
Room 104 diffview
Room 104
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Vital statistics
Type Room
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants Catherine

Room 104 is Catherine's room. She spends surprisingly little time in it considering it would be a good place to ambush the main character.


The player must sneak into her room while she's out in order to get Gregory's Dirty Book which aids in getting Judgement Boy's soul.


Along the north wall is a wardrobe you may hide in and a desk which serves little purpose other than occasionally having medicines to offer when knocked on.

The south wall has her bed. Knocking on it will give the message, "It's slightly warm". It is unknown whether or not this is referring to the bed itself or the patch of blood just beneath it.


The door leads into the west hallway. It is just next to Room 103.



  • There is a picture frame on the wall. In it is an image with text reading "GIVE BLOOD". The font is too small to read.
  • She has pictures of Hell's Chef in her room as well as a Chef shaped candle (or this may be in her office).


Various medicines can sometimes be found by knocking on the desk such as Bandages and Sedative.

Gregory's Dirty Book will be found in this room for the first time. After that, it will be in the Storeroom.