Room 103
Room 103 peek
Room 103
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Vital statistics
Type Room
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants None

Room 103 is a room where no characters inhabit this room, though common items appear here occasionally.


The north wall has a wardrobe which you may hide in and a desk which serves little to no purpose. The south wall has a bed. Knocking on it gives the message "This bed is cold and featureless".


The door leads into the west hallway. The room is in between Room 102 and Room 104.


None of the characters inhabit this room apart from Catherine for a short period of time when she is doing her rounds. For some reason she will go into the spare room for a minute or two when wandering up and down the halls (this also happens when she is doing her rounds upstairs) although it is unsure as to why.


  • Green Herb
  • Warped Time #1


  • Above the bed hangs a picture of a cat. Since this room is adjacent to Neko Zombie's room, it's possible that it is linked to that character's back story. Otherwise it is unknown why the hotel seems to have pictures of cats in it even though it's run by a mouse.
  • Strangely, Catherine will sometimes be found in this room for no apparent reason, though this may be something to do with her schedule.