Room 102 - Neko Zombie's Room
Room 102
Room 102
Vital statistics
Type Room
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants Neko Zombie

In "Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector", Room 102 is Neko Zombie's room. Although, it is more of a prison cell than a room. Neko Zombie will almost always be found in here, with the exception of a few times where he leaves to go to the kitchen looking for food.


You can gain access to this room by getting the Padlock Key from the Lobby at the beginning of the game, before you get your Mental Gauge.


Room 102 is basically a dark prison cell and the only light in it, comes from the moon which shines through the barrred window at the back of the room. A ball and chain lies discarded on the floor, though when Neko Zombie is sitting down he usually sits in the corner by this object and his foot rests on the cuff.


The door leads into the western hallway, and the room is adjacent to the player's room.



  • In the anime television show, Neko Zombie's cell is Room 203, and is also adjacent to the new guest's room.