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Neko Zombie
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This is the house cat with glossy fur who used to live in an aristocrat's mansion. It lost its former owner during a dispute about succession. After that, it escaped from reality and has been wandering around the Gregory House as a zombie cat.

Neko Zombie is a resident of Gregory House. According to Gregory, he was once a beautiful cat with the finest black fur that lived with the pet of a nobleman that once stayed at the hotel. However, one night, someone took a needle and thread and sewed everything shut; eyes, mouth, ears, everything. When spying on Neko Zombie in the game his conversation suggests that Gregory is the one responsible for this.

Neko Zombie resides in Room 102 (203 in the anime), where he is chained to the wall and a large iron ball. His room resembles a prison cell, and the door is rust-orange metal in stark contrast to the wooden green doors of the other rooms. He is one of the only characters in the hotel supportive of the player, helping the player whenever possible. However, it should be warned that attempting to talk to him at certain times when he is very very hungry will just result in a Horror Show. At other times, you can give him edible items and the cat will reward you (this is a way to get a rare Angel Herb). Most of his time is spent in his cell, but sometimes he'll break out of his room and scour the Kitchen for a snack.

In the anime, he first appears as a wild maniac animal who would eat anything, even cell phones, but later shows to be more than that. He often pretends to be insane to throw other residents off (Mostly Gregory) and shows some sort of hopelessness in himself. He refuses to escape or accept sympathy from others (Possibly do to his torment) but shows faith in the new hotel guests and does what he can to assist them as much as possible so they can escape.

Voice ActorsEdit

English (US)Kris Rundle
English (UK)Kris Rundle
JapaneseNao Nagasawa

Getting Neko Zombie's SoulEdit

Neko Zombie holds the first soul the player obtains. First, the player must get the Padlock Key to enter his cell. Then after talking to Neko Zombie, he'll tell the player to go outside and peek at him through the keyhole. When the player does so, he will start saying clues as to his favorite food. After three hints, head back inside and talk to him, giving him the correct answer, "chocolate." He'll reward your correct answer with his soul.


  • Neko Zombie is the first guest and second character that the player will encounter in the game.
  • Emblazoned on the front of Neko Zombie's shirt in both the anime and game is the name "Jack Ketch", a notable 17th century executioner.
  • When you peek into Neko Zombie's room in the first night at the right time, Neko Zombie will say that Gregory was the one who sewn his body up.
  • In both game and anime, Neko Zombie and Gregory are both shown to have a hostile relationship as Gregory is shown to be mistreating him often and Neko Zombie shows hatred at him for this reason. He also attempts to burn down the hotel in vengeance for what Gregory did to his family.
  • It is revealed in the game that his weakness is food, with "Chocolate" being his favorite.
  • If you try to talk to Neko Zombie while he is particularly ravenous (this occurs at certain points in his schedule), he will perform his own Horror Show on the player. He will lunge at the player and steal a food item, though it doesn't damage the player.
  • Neko Zombie is the second character in the game to appear as an ally to the player with the other being Death.
  • Neko Zombie appears in the two mainstream seasons and Last Train.


  • "Take it from me, you should never believe anything you see in this world. What you see here is what you want to see."
  • "Are you scared… of the way I look? Or does it just make you feel sorry for me? Is that it!?"
  • "You've stooped to a whole new low. You're nothing more than a mouse talking nonsense! You don't belong here. Why don't you go back to your sewer?"
  • "Promise me you'll keep going and never look back…"

Soul Collector MemosEdit

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