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My Son as he appears in the anime

My Son is a resident of Gregory House. He is, as one could tell by the name, the son of Clock Master. He is trying to learn how his father travels through time so that he can do the same.

In Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector, My Son appears on the fourth night along side his father and Angel/Devil Dog. Between him and his father, My Son is the one that holds the soul.

In the anime, My Son appears in both mainstream seasons and Last Train, alongside his father.

My Son has an incredible resemblance to the character "Quicky", from Iwata's other Japanese television series, Midnight Horror School.

Getting My Son's SoulEdit

At certain points in his schedule, My Son will be in the Storeroom working on a clock. Take the Screwdriver from the toolbox and find Clock Master. Show him the Screwdriver and he'll fly into a rage and chase you. Run from him (a sound strategy is to head for the basement, since few characters go down there, the only hostile one known, schedule depending, would be Roulette Boy. All/most other guests there will be non-hostile). During the chase, he'll use his time powers (indicated by the scene freezing and the colors inverting) to get almost right behind you or in front of you. When he tries to do this a third time, he'll pop a spring and collapse. Quickly make your way back to My Son and show him the Screwdriver. You only have a limited time to do this before Clock Master gets up on his own and you'll have to repeat the process. He'll call for his dad, but if you disabled Clock Master earlier, he'll trade the soul for his screwdriver and run to find his father. (if Clock Master is well, however, he will appear; a Horror Show is more or less inevitable at this point).