Mummy Papa
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Mummy papa

Mummy Papa

Mummy Papa is a resident of Gregory House. A large dog with bandages on. He is a proud hypocondriac and enjoys little more than talking about his various injuries and illnesses. He constantly suffers from "a splitting headache," which is unknown to him caused by the gigantic saber embedded in his head. He is the father of Mummy Dog. In the anime, he appears in the first mainstream season and both spin-off seasons.


In Soul Collector, Mummy Papa and Mummy Dog appear on the second night, alongside Cactus Gunman, Cactus Girl, and Lost Doll.

Mummy Papa's soul is vulnerable whenever he falls unconscious. There are two ways this can happen: he either faints while going around the hotel on his daily activities (at the times denoted on his schedule) or he falls asleep in his room. In either case, the soul will materialize next to him in its jar for the duration of his fainting (or sleeping) spell. There's no real strategy behind getting it excepting being able to follow him without hostile guests attacking you long enough to catch him when he's down. A good way to knock him out is to repeatedly knock on the door. This will cause him to panic (similiar to Cactus Gunman) and be knocked unconscious. However, then Mummy Dog will leave to investigate, and then likely proceed to get Catherine.

Horror ShowEdit

When caught by Mummy Papa he will force you to take some of his 'special medicine' and make you take a massive pill! Your vision will go purple and blurry. In The Last Train he and Mummy Dog are seen to be strong enough to withstand the strongest of substances, even poison. I would assume that their 'special medicine' is too much for any normal person to take.


  • "Ho ho ho!"
  • "My son tells me you're ill, that's terrible! I know how you're feeling, I just can't shake this splitting headache."


  • As seen in Bloody Karte, it seems that Mummy Papa doesn't have a pulse but can still walk around and feel his usual headaches.
  • When you peek through a keyhole you can hear him talk, even when he fainted.
  • When he is jogging around the hotel he will stop every now and again to take a massive pill - the same one he gives you in a horror show.