In Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector, the Mental Gauge is a visual representation of the player's mental health and serves the purpose of a "life bar" and in another way, as a timer. When the bar empties to 0, the player goes insane, becomes a permanent resident of Gregory House, and the game is over. The Mental Gauge does not come into play until after you steal Catherine's soul, the earliest point at which you can take damage from sources besides just staying in the hotel.

The Gauge slowly decreases during the time spent inside the hotel, and is furthered lowered through status effects from lack of sleep and guests' Horror Shows. The Gauge can be restored by using items such as herbs, reading books, and sleeping; the latter two of these replenish the Gauge to max, and books even extend the Gauge's max capacity (although one cannot tell just by looking), allowing you to take more damage without going insane and to spend a longer time exploring the hotel without needing to heal. However, healing items will have a lesser effect on you.

Because just walking around the hotel saps away at the Gauge, it is an important point for the player to keep an eye on the Gauge and make sure it stays high enough, having at least 1-2 healing items on you at all times if possible, to survive on the chance one of the hostile guests corner you.


The Mental Gauge is represented by a ring of multicolored smoke around the player's face icon in the top left corner of the screen, and the smoke changes color the lower it becomes.

Healing ItemsEdit

Healing Items are obtained throughout the game and are mainly in the forms of food, such as snacks, drinks, and herbs. There are also speed-ups and Chinese Remedies that heal status-conditions (with the exception of tired). 

The basement is a very good place for stocking up on curative items, preferably before you take Roulette Boy's soul if you want to take them safely. The herbs re-spawn.


Herbs are the main source of healing until the Gauge grows to the point of them being less effective. To remedy this, their tea forms are also available.

  • Green - 1/5 Gauge
  • Yellow - 2-3/5 Gauge
  • Red - 4/5
  • Green Tea - 2/5-3/5
  • Yellow Tea - 4/5
  • Red Tea - 100%


Lesser healing items include things like Jello, bananas, Apple/Orange/100% Juice, and heal extremely little to nothing. They are only good for obtaining Hell Chef's soul and to hinder guests (banana peels), so that you do not have to waste potentially useful Herbs or Status-healing items.

Negative ItemsEdit

These will damage the player if they try to eat or use them (and have a warning suggesting they don't), and can be traded at the Shop. Examples of these items include raw or fresh meat, and scissor salad.


  • Most of the negative items are based on real foods. For example, Scissor Salad is a common mispronunciation of Caesar Salad.