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James is Gregory's grandson (making him Gregory Mama's great-grandson). He likes causing mischief and spreading rumours, though occasionally he will give you hints. He never chases you or performs a Horror Show, but he does follow and make a lot of noise, making spying on other guests impossible.

In AnimeEdit

In the anime, nobody is above James's pranks and dreadful misbehavior... not even Gregory Mama (whom he calls "old lady" and "old hag"). He appears in the second mainstream season and both Last Train and The Bloody Karte.

Voice ActorsEdit

English (US)Brett Bauer
English (UK)Brett Bauer
JapaneseErina Yamazaki


James first appears after you deliver Neko Zombie's soul to Death on the first night. In a scripted event, he drops a banana peel outside your room, and Gregory has to pick it up. This is the hint on how to steal Catherine's soul.


James will follow the player and make a lot of noise. Peeking is made impossible when he's there as he yells at you if you try it. The only way to get rid of him is hiding, or outrunning him. If you leave him alone, and Gregory or Catherine is in the area, he will lose interest in you and annoy them instead.


Although he will stop what he's doing and tail you if he sees you, it's fairly easy to lose him. Running away will lose him after a while, as well as going through two doors right after each other.

James can give you hints on getting people's souls if you talk to him.

He keeps a diary in his bedroom that you can read. The content changes each night and give clues on how to get the guest's souls.


"What're you doing?"

"I'm burning! I'm burning!"

"Fire fighter on the scene. Yee-haw!"

"Hey lady! Wow that was so fun! I turned bright red and then the flames burned off all my skin!"


  • James appears in both in the game and in the rest of the anime seasons except for first.
  • In the game James appears to keep hidden stashes of sweets around the hotel. There is chocolate hidden under his bed and also behind boarded up holes in the wall on the eastern side of the upper floor near both stairs. When James is wandering around up here he will sometimes stop and jump up and down in front of the boarded up hole where the chocolate is (although he does this often anyway when prancing around).

Soul Collector MemosEdit

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James's Schedule

The First Night: Gregory House

12AM - 2AM Prancing Around: He's walking around the hotel, looking for ways to make trouble. roaming Grd Floor hallway
2AM - 4AM At the Front Desk: James is minding the front desk in Gregory's place. He's just messing around though. standing behind counter in Lobby
4AM - 6AM Sleepy Time: He's sleeping soundly on the bed in his room. Still hasn't shut up, I see. sleeping in the Manager's Office
6AM - 8AM Messy Changing Room: He's opening lockers and scattering the contents around. Making trouble really gets James worked up. playing in Changing Room
8AM - 10AM Mess in Library: Gregory always has to clean up the books James scatters around... dear oh dear! playing in Library
10AM - 12PM Kid's Show: It's the most popular kid's show on TV: "Wimp Brigade"! The dreary theme song is a big hit, too. watching TV in Lounge
12PM - 2PM Messy Nurse's Room: He's happily making a mess in the nurse's room. I can just picture Catherine's angry face... playing in Nurse's Office
2PM - 4PM Time for Dinner: Wh...what's that?! A special menu just for James?! "GHS Children's Lunch Special" eating in Dining Room
4PM - 6PM Prancing Around: Though he's just a kid, he struts around the halls like a prince. Are there big things in his future? roaming Grd Floor hallway
6PM - 8PM Mess in Kitchen: He's making a mess of the kitchen while looking for a snack. I see a shiny cleaver in his future... playing in Kitchen
8PM - 10PM Prancing Around: He's humming to himself as he prances around the hotel. Every day must be fun for him. raoming Grd Floor hallway
10PM - 12AM Mess at Front Desk: The front desk is getting to be a mess. I wonder if Gregory is going to have to clean up again... behind front desk in Lobby

James's Schedule

The Second Night: Edge of Insanity


James's Schedule

The Third Night: The Hidden Truth


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