Item appears randomly throughout the game. They appear in various places and can be found placed on the table, on the floor, on a shelf or inside a drawer on a desk. When touched, it will be stored on the player's inventory (accessed by pressing the Pause button). The player's inventory can hold up to 8 items. If it is full, the player will not carrying more items until one or more items are used or stored in the player's shelf. Items can be stored on the shelf in the player's room when the player's inventory gets full.

Healing itemsEdit

These items can increase your Mental Gauge or cure certain status conditions:

  • Herbs: Herbs can be found in almost every area. They come in three colors; green (the most common), yellow and red. Green Herb heals very little, usually 1/5 of the Gauge at best. Yellow heals 2-3/5 of the Gauge, and Red heals 4/5. Herbs often regenerates in the Ground Floor Courtyard and in one of the three basement floor's hallway. Herbs are usually appears in a form of a plant pot.
  • Herb Teas: A tea version of Herbs. These items also comes in three colors; green, yellow and red. Green teas heals 2/5-3/5. Yellow teas heals 4/5, and Red teas heals potentially 100% of the gauge.
  • Angel Herb: This is a very rare item and can only be found in very few places. Although you can always get one from Neko Zombie in exchange for chocolate. If you lose all of your mental gauge this herb will revive you and restore all of your MG. It cannot be used actively, it is only used automatically once your character loses all MG.
  • Headache Medicine: This item can cure Headache.
  • Antacid: Use this item to cure Nervous.
  • Sedative: Use this item if you're suffering Confusion.
  • Laughing 'Shroom: Use this item if you're suffering Melancholy.
  • Eyedrops: Use this item to make you see clearly when Darkness happens. Eyedrops are usually found in the Basements and often regenerates.
  • Chinese Remedy: This item heals all status conditions except Tiredness.
  • Mind Up: This item can stabilize your Mental Gauge for a few minutes. Only found and used on the fifth night or the battle with Gregory Mama. It is only found in Gregory Mama's room.

Negative itemsEdit

As their names imply, they only damage the player and the only good value they have would be to trade them for something good at the shop. These items usually have the "Eat at your own risk" label on the player's inventory.

  • Scissor Salad (worth 4 stars)
  • Gold-Tooth Soup (worth 5 stars)
  • Fresh Meats (worth 3 stars)
  • Expired Cheese (worth 3 stars)
  • Mummy Stew (worth 4 stars)

Other itemsEdit

These items are usually good to trade for some useful items at the shop such as items that can help you run from guests (such as Speed Up), hinder guests (such as Banana Peel) or even obtaining guest's soul (such as Hell's Chef's soul). Some items can heal health lesser, extremely little to nothing. Some items may appear in a form of a present box and bottle (for drinks).

You can also give food items to Neko Zombie in exchange for another item. You can only do this at times when he is pacing his room in hunger. It’s better to give Neko Zombie nice food items as they will probably be only worth one star at the shop and he will be more likely to reward you with a good item. It is also better to trade dangerous food items at the shop as they are worth a lot more at the shop and if you gave them to Neko Zombie, he probably won’t give you a very good item in return. Neko Zombie will usually always give you an Angel Herb in return for chocolate. Chocolate can be found under James's bed in the Manager's Office and in the boarded up holes in the wall on the 1st floor on the western side (by both sets of stairs).

Below here is a list of other items that you can find in the game:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Chocolate
  • Jello
  • Pudding
  • Nougat
  • Sugared Almond
  • Marsmallow
  • Sweets
  • Apple Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • 100% Juice
  • Kettle
  • Empty Can
  • Various characters Trading Cards
  • Bandage
  • Hanger
  • Speed Up (this item is useful when being chased by guests)
  • Energy Drink
  • Spring Water
  • Fruit of Time (although this item is useful to skip time ahead, it might damage the player as well)
  • Batteries (use this item to activate the Dead Remote to obtain TV Fish's soul, can be purchased at the shop)

Key itemsEdit

Key items are tools that you can carry around whenever you go. They can help you to achieve your goal on obtaining guest's souls. These items appears on certain locations and indicated by a sparks. When obtained, it will appear on the bottom right hand side of the player's Mental Gauge. Different key items can be switched by pressing the R1 button. Some of the key items are:

Recurring Items Edit

Some item’s always reappear or regenerate after a while, such as:

  • Herbs in the garden (it seems the longer you wait before picking them, the more valuable they become)
  • Various Foods in the fridge
  • Fruit of Time in Clock Master’s room
  • Drink at the bar
  • Eyedrops on the 1st basement floor
  • Item in Storeroom 2 on the 1st basement floor
  • Speed Up on the 2nd basement floor
  • Eyedrops and Herb on the 3rd basement floor

Trading Cards Edit

Once you have played the game a few times its fun to try and collect all the trading cards. Trading cards cost 2 stars to buy at the shop but each trading card differs in value based on its rarity (and apparently Gregory’s opinion in the case of the Gregory and James cards). Trading cards can occasionally be found in the 2nd Storeroom on the first basement floor. Below is a list of all the cards I have found and their worth. (I can’t remember if I have found cards of all the other characters in previous games but in the current game I am missing a few but I welcome anyone to fill the gaps). The shop only seems to sell one a day so if this is a rare card it might be a good idea to get a few (so you can spend 2 stars to get something worth 4 or 5).

  • Gregory – 5 stars (of course, it seems this is the only card worth 5 stars)
  • James – 1 star
  • Catherine - 1 star
  • Neko Zombie - 1 star
  • Judgement Boy - 1 star
  • Lost Doll – 2 stars
  • Mummy Dog - 2 stars
  • Mummy Papa - 2 stars
  • Cactus Gunman – 2 stars
  • Hell’s Chef – 3 stars
  • TV Fish – 3 stars
  • Roulette Boy – 3 stars
  • My Son – 4 stars
  • Clock Master - 1 star
  • Angel Dog – 4 stars
  • Judgement Boy Gold – 4 stars

Books Edit


  • Unknown (probably Cactus gunman books) #1-5
  • Judgement Day #1-5
  • Unknown #1-4
  • Me and My Dolly #1-4


  • Warped Time #1-3
  • Brother’s Lasso #1-3
  • I Hate Smoke #1-2
  • Sick but Happy #1-2 (available in shop)


  • Syringe Monthly #1-3
  • Fish Life #1-3

Fortune TellingsEdit

  • Tough Choice #1-2
  • Unknown #1-2
  • Unknown #1-2


  • Gregory Exposed #1-3
  • Back in Time #1-3
  • Angel Photos #1-2 (#1 is found in shop, #2 is found as a special item when spying on Neko and Devil Dog or possibly in exchange for chocolate)

Picture BooksEdit

  • Guide to Poison #1-2


  • Prison of Hope #1-2 (written by Neko Zombie, found as a special item when spying on Neko and Devil Dog or possibly given in exchange for chocolate).

Stealing Items from guests Edit

Stealing items from guests is also very important. It is not only souls you can steal from guests when they have passed out, you can actually get other items when searching the pockets of unconscious guests.

Search Clock Master when he passes out in order to get the Golden Stopwatch. This gives you the ability to make time skip one hour ahead. When you take this you become the new master of time. This is very helpful for getting Angel Dog's soul.

After getting TV Fish’s soul. Knock him out with the remote again and search him. You will get Fish Life TV guide magazines. Do this a few more times and you can also get Fresh Meat and Eyedrops.

Special Items Edit

Sometimes special items will appear after witnessing a special action. Special actions are described as activities that guests normally wouldn't do although I believe it is when guests alternate between two activities in the same time slot. This will be indicated by a time slot on the memo being split in half horizontally, meaning they will do one activity at that time one day and another activity at the same time the next day. Special items will be indicated by a flashing light (the same one that indicates the presence of a key item). The ones found so far are:

  • Copy of Syringe Monthly in the kitchen after watching Catherine preparing lunch for Hell's Chef or practising cooking.
  • Copy of Prison of Hope or Angel Photos #2 in Neko Zombie's room after spying on him having a conversation with Devil Dog (this happens at two times in the alternate day, it is unknown which time slot it was where the item was found).

Locations of itemsEdit

Many items appear randomly throughout the game, so it is impossible to record the location and appearance time of every item. Use this guide as a reference only.

Ground FloorEdit


  • Padlock Key
  • Empty Can
  • Green Herb
  • Gregory Trading Card
  • James Trading Card
  • Judgment Day #3

Manager's OfficeEdit

  • Chocolate
  • Gregory Exposed #3


  • 3 Green Herbs

Room 101/Guest'sEdit

Room 102/Neko Zombie'sEdit

These items will only be given randomly by Neko Zombie if you give him his favorite food.

  • Prison of Hope #1
  • Prison of Hope #2
  • Angel Photos #2

Room 103Edit

  • Green Herb
  • Warped Time #1
  • Empty cans (knock on bottom of bed, these appear often throughout the game)

Room 104/Catherine'sEdit

Room 105/Clock Master'sEdit

Room 106/Mummy Papa'sEdit

  • Headache Medicine
  • Energy Drink

Judgment FactoryEdit

  • Green Herb
  • Banana (knock on dark wall)
  • Judgment Day #5

Nurse's OfficeEdit

  • 2 Bandages
  • Syringe Monothly #1
  • Hell's Chef trading card

Dining RoomEdit

  • I Hate Smoke #1
  • Empty Can
  • Scissor Salad
  • Apple Juice
  • Antacid (knock on chair next to pulled out one where James sits)


  • Banana
  • Spring Water
  • Various foods in freezer locker (regenerate)
  • 2 Fresh Meats (found in the meat grinder)
  • Blood Horoscope #1 (special item after watching Catherine preparing lunch/ practising cooking)


  • Green Herb
  • Self-Help Book
  • Back in Time #1
  • Gregory Exposed #1
  • Gregory Exposed #2
  • Syringe Monthly #2
  • Guide to Poison #1
  • Guide to Poison #2
  • Judgment Day #4


  • Kettle
  • Expired Cheese
  • Energy Drink
  • Orange Juice
  • Back in Time #3 (found inside a clock on 4th night)

Changing RoomEdit

  • Spring Water
  • Tough Choice #2
  • Laughing Shroom (under table opposite sink - no need to knock you can just pick it up)


  • Spring Water
  • Tough Choice #2
  • Hanger
  • Empty Can
  • Yellow herb (hidden behind a pillar in top right corner - look in 1st person view)


  • Green Herb Tea
  • Green Herb
  • Sweets
  • Syringe Monthly #3


  • 3 Herbs (regenerate)
  • Red Herb
  • 3 Empty Cans
  • Me & My Dolly #2
  • Brother's Lasso #3

First FloorEdit

Room 201/Chef'sEdit

  • Antacid
  • Red Herb
  • Nougat
  • I Hate Smoke #2

Room 202Edit

  • 1st Floor Map
  • Warped Time #3

Room 203/Cactus Girl'sEdit

  • Yellow Herb
  • Green Herb
  • 2 Spring Waters
  • Brother's Lasso #1
  • Brother's Lasso #2

Room 204/Cactus Gunman'sEdit

  • Yellow Herb
  • 2 Headache Medicines

Room 205/Lost Doll'sEdit

  • Yellow Herb
  • Me & My Dolly #3

Room 206Edit

  • Jello
  • Warped Time #2

Judgment Boy Gold's RoomEdit

  • Laughing 'Shrooms
  • Energy drink


  • Green Herb
  • Sedative
  • Marshmallow
  • 3 100% Juices (regenerates)
  • Orange Juice
  • Yellow Herb
  • Gold-Tooth Soup
  • Back in Time #2
  • Blood Horoscope #2

Basement Level 1Edit

Room with 3 doorsEdit

  • Basement Level 1 Map
  • Eyedrops (regenerate)

Room 1Edit

  • Expired Cheese
  • Laughing 'Shrooms
  • 11 assorted Herbs

Room 2Edit

  • Empty Can (regenerates)
  • Expired Cheese
  • Catherine Trading Card

Room 3Edit

  • 2 Energy Drinks
  • Dead Remote
  • Red Herb Tea
  • Apple Juice
  • Chocolate

Heaven or Hell/Angel Dog's roomEdit

Roulette Boy's roomEdit

  • Scissor Salad
  • Sugared Almonds

Basement Level 2Edit


  • Speed Up (regenerates)
  • Basement Level 2 Map
  • 3 Green Herbs
  • Red Herb
  • Chinese Remedy

Basement Level 3Edit


  • Eyedrops (regenerates)
  • Green Herbs (regenerates)
  • Basement Level 3 Map
  • Speed Up
  • 2 Bananas
  • 3 Yellow Herbs
  • Tough Choice #1
  • Dice

Gregory Mama's RoomEdit


  • There is one item in the player's inventory that is always be there since the beginning of the game; the Red Handkerchief. You cannot use this item throughout the game until in the cutscene at the end of the fifth night.

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