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"Time for a blood test..."

In Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector, a Horror Show occurs when one of the hotel's guests catches the player. A Horror Show will only occur if the player had already stolen the soul the guest was carrying. Gregory, James, Judgement Boy, Judgement Boy Gold, and TV Fish do not have Horror Shows and are neutral to the player.

When a player is caught by a hostile guest, the screen swirls and both player and guest are transported to a Japanese stage (nearly identical to the one used by Bonsai Kabui in the second mainstream season of the anime). A cinematic plays out that results in the player getting hurt at the guest's hand, often taking a large chunk out of the player's Mental Gauge, and sometimes causing status effects as well, or in rare cases stealing an item from you. After the guest is done, at least for the moment, a dripping red blood transition takes the player back to the hotel. The player will then be knocked out for a random amount of time (from 5 minutes to a full 24 hours) and all the guests' positions (including non-hostile ones) will change.

When the player is holding souls, each soul will reduce damage taken from a Horror Show, but if the guest you are carrying the soul of catches you, the guest will take the soul back and you will have to steal it again. All Horror Shows, with few exceptions, will also inflict the player with the Melancholy status condition.

List of Horror ShowsEdit


Catherine draws a large amount of blood from the player, causing a great amount of damage.

Lost DollEdit

Lost Doll draws close with her sad human face before switching around to her doll face and scaring the wits out of the player.

Mummy Papa/Mummy DogEdit

Either guest will administer a poisoned medicine pill to the player. Naturally, Mummy Papa's will cause more damage.

Cactus GunmanEdit

His Horror Show depends on whether the player is a boy or a girl. If a boy, he will challenge the player to a duel and shoot him,  then run off screaming he'd didn't think he'd actually hit. If a girl, he will hit her with a bouquet of roses.

Cactus GirlEdit

Cactus Girl uses her lasso to damage the player lightly and steal one of his/her items. Dialogue will be different if you chose to play as a boy or girl.

Hell's ChefEdit

Hell's Chef slices the player with his cleaver, causing immense damage. His Horror Show is by far the most deadly.

Roulette BoyEdit

Roulette Boy spins his spinner, a space appears beneath the player, and a large weight crushes him/her, causing damage only. Unknown if it is by pure chance and other spaces are possible, as is what he represents, but encounters suggest otherwise.

Clock MasterEdit

Clock Master uses his time warp to send you back in time six hours and deals moderate damage to the player.

My SonEdit

My Son uses his time warp to send you forward in time six hours. However unlike Clock Master's, his either does no damage or the damage is so little it isn't noticeable.

Angel/Devil DogEdit

Angel Dog conjures the "Heaven or Hell" door and forces the player through. This Horror Show causes a control-scrambling status condition (confusion).

Neko Zombie (Maybe)Edit

If you try to talk to Neko Zombie while he is particularly ravenous (this occurs at certain points in his schedule), he will perform his own Horror Show on the player. He will lunge at the player and steal a food item, unknown if it does damage as well or not. Currently unconfirmed.

TV Fish (Maybe) Edit

If you encounter TV Fish during a specific hour in the room with the jukebox, it will attack you. It's horror show consists of it's 'face' projecting an image of something which causes the player to take damage. This horror show does the least amount of damage but three hours have passed by the time the horror show ends. Could be a reference to watching too much TV. Currently only a rumored Horror Show due to lack of recorded footage.

Duet Horror ShowsEdit

Sometimes when two hostile guests are nearby and one catches the player, both participate in the Horror Show at the same time, hitting the player twice in one go, combining the damage and giving the player no chance to try and heal between them. Currently the only three known examples are Mummy Papa and Catherine, Mummy Dog and Catherine, and Clock Master and My Son (The combo of Clock Master and My Son sends you either forward or back in time six hours and damages you semi-heavily). It is possible that Cactus Gunman and Cactus Girl can perform together as well. Any other pairings are currently unknown/nonexistant. Lost Doll has a relationship with Cactus Gunman which may give them a Duet Horror Show if enough experimentation is given.