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"Cigarettes are the enemies of cuisine!"

Hell's Chef (UK voice actor : Byron Close/Seiyu: Ryuzaburo Otomo) is the chef of Gregory House (he also serves on the Last Train's dining car and in the hospital featured in The Bloody Karte). He takes much pride in his cooking skills, so much that he refuses to eat anything he hasn't cooked himself. Those that insult his dishes or refuse to eat them (even if it's just because the servee isn't hungry) will quickly find themselves as a surprise ingredient in his next course. He hates cigarettes due to tobacco dulling the taste buds, and will attack anyone caught smoking without restraint. He always carries a massive cleaver, which is sharp enough to slice through elephant bones like they're hot butter.


Where Hell's Chef comes from, isn't actually explained. However, his name Hell's Chef implies he is from hell and possibly was brought to the Gregory House by Angel/Devil Dog to work for Gregory.


Hell's Chef appears in the hotel during the third night. He stays in Room 201, on the first floor.


In the Kitchen, a pot of stew is simmering on a stove. When the room is empty, head in and dump all variety of items in the pot until the game tells you the pot is overflowing. Get out of the room and head over to either the Storeroom to get ready, or to your room to read books or rest up. When Hell's Chef enter the Kitchen and sees the ruined stew, he'll fly into a rage and start running in a circle around the ground floor hallway in search of the player. Head over to the Storeroom if you're not there already; the Storeroom is a safe zone, so vengeful guests won't be able to chase you inside, so duck in if a guest besides Hell's Chef spots you and peek through the keyhole to see when it's safe to come out again. When the chef circles around, let him see you and lure him into the Storeroom. The draft in the room will put him out and he'll drop his soul. Surprisingly, Gregory ignores the soul on the floor in plain sight as he relights Chef and leads him out, telling the player to not do that again.


  • "No smoking!"
  • "I hate puff puff…"
  • "Cigarettes are enemies of cuisine!"
  • "The stock is the heart of any cuisine."
  • "I'll turn you into MINCEMEAT!"
  • "The secret is in the sauce…"
  • "YOU! This was your doing isn't it!?"
  • "I'll get you for this!.. I'll make you into A STEW!!"


  • Hell's Chef stops moving if the flame on his hat goes out (an important key to stealing his soul). Because Chef is apparently made entirely of candle wax (indicated by how he melts completely during the Fire of Gregory House) and he requires an outside force to move and act (his flame), he bears many similarities to a golem, a creature magically brought to life after being built of an inorganic material, such as stone, clay... or even candle wax.