Gregory Mama

"What have you got between those big ears of yours?!"

Gregory Mama (sometimes mistakingly called Mama Gregory) is, as the name states, Gregory's mother (and by extension James's great-grandmother). She appears in all four seasons, if as a voice and as an illusion in Last Train counts as appearing.

Gregory Mama is the only person Gregory fears and for good reason. It is shown that she has some magical powers, and has demonstrated on one occasion by turning a doorknob into a snake. She seeks to remain eternally young, and maintains her youth by devouring souls that she keeps in jars on the many shelves of her room. Due to her magic powers and unkind demeanor, she is often labeled a "witch" (although James perfers "old hag" and "old lady"), although she is capable of having intelligent conversations with Gregory without whacking him over the head with her staff. She hates it when people try to impersonate her, as shown in Last Train.

Voice ActorsEdit

English (US)Michelle Armeneau
English (UK)Michelle Armeneau

Soul CollectorEdit

Gregory Mama appears in nearly all the game's cutscenes in some form or another, but does not appear to the player in person until the fifth night, after all the souls have been delivered to Death. She knocks out the player with a fireball, revealing that they are strong enough to crack the door leading outside the hotel by accident, and locks him/her in the dungeon in the basement.

After the player escapes the dungeon and returns to the lobby, Gregory Mama challenges the player to a fight. Her moves include swinging her staff, teleporting, and flinging large fireballs. The player must get five of her fireballs to hit the door outside and break it open; the trick is to avoid her attacks and keep your Mental Gauge up, and wait until she stops to catch her breath; at that point, get between her and the door, and move out of the way when she starts to throw.

In the game's Hard Mode, her fireballs move much faster, making them harder to dodge.