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"Welcome to Gregory House!"

Gregory House is the name of the hotel where lost souls go to wander. The owner of this hotel is Gregory, an old decreped mouse. He keeps guests trapped in the hotel, where they slowly lose their minds.

Floors Edit

The hotel has five floors.They will be shown from top to bottom.

  • 1st Floor
  • Ground Floor
  • Basement Level One
  • Basement Level Two
  • Basement Level Three

Dungeon Edit

The house also features a dungeon, which can only be accessed on the 5th Night, when Gregory Mama traps the guest there! The dungeon is connected to Gregory Mama's room and the first level of the Basement.

In this room there are references to some of the anime characters. There is Umbaba's mask (from The Second Guest) and a figurine of one of the zombie characters who appear throughout the series.

Rooms Edit

Unoccupied Guest RoomsEdit

Other RoomsEdit