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Gregory Horror Shop
Vital statistics
Level Every Night
Location Lobby
Inhabitants Gregory (Shop Owner)

Gregory Horror Shop is the local storefront in Gregory House and is operated by Gregory at all times (even if his schedule has him nowhere near the place). The door to the shop will be locked shut if you're being persued by one of the guests, so it cannot be used as a safe zone. The shop is located directly across the Lobby from the front desk and the Manager's Office.

As Soul Collector has no currency system, all business is done through trade. Each item in the game has a ranking from one to five stars. Gregory has several items in stock and will let you have one in exchange for one or more of your items whose stars add up to at least the number of stars the item you want has.

The shop plays an important role throughout the game and you are required to get items from here to get a few souls, most notably Lost Doll's (the Dolly) and TV Fish's (the batteries for the TV Remote).

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