Frog Fortune-teller
Frog Fortune-Teller image
"You cannot escape your fate... ribbit."
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Gender Female
Race Frog
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Location Save Room

Frog Fortune-Teller is a green, old frog. She appears before people from a white mist, telling people of their fortunes, never seen without her booth or crystal ball. Generally, her fortunes come true, but how long it takes before it does can very greatly.

In the anime, she appears in both mainstream seasons and in The Bloody Karte.



She has no real importance the game, but is the one who is able to save your game. She also appears in the cutscene of the Third Night, telling Gregory of an image of flames in his doom. Gregory only turns her prediction down, and she shakes her head in disappointment.


She carries no soul, thus you cannot "defeat" her.


  • "I am seeing flames, flames of deepest crimson..."
  • "...ribbit."
  • "Do not try to argue with fate..."


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