Shocked gunman

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In life, Cactus Gunman (UK voice actor : Roger Rhodes/Seiyu : Yoshiyuki Kouno)was the leader of a band of revolutionaries. Unfortunately for him, his zeal for the cause didn't make up for the fact that he was a horrible marksman who missed every shot (in fact, he has only been known to hit his target once). Now imprisoned in Gregory House, the prickly rebel gains his only satisfaction by challenging fellow guests to dramatic hallway duels.

Along with being a lackluster revolutionary, he is also a hopeless romantic, and often attempts to court human guests of the hotel, such as the Second Guest and the player character of Soul Collector if the player chooses the female character (in fact, Cactus Gunman is the only character to have different Horror Shows dependant on the player's gender). He also had a relationship with Catherine in The Bloody Karte, although that ends like virtually all of Catherine's relationships.

Soul CollectorEdit

Cactus Gunman (as well as his sister Cactus Girl) arrive on the second night alongside Lost Doll and Mummy Papa; he stays in Room 204. You must wait for him to enter a room, such as Catherine's infirmiry or his own. When he is inside the room, knock on the door. Take cover nearby while he comes out and looks around, until he heads back inside. Repeat this twice (a total of three knocks) and he'll dash off in a fright of paranoia, leaving his soul in the hallway.

Both he and Hell's Chef are very fast and speedy, and the only way to escape from his is hiding. This makes his chases difficult and annoying, as by the time you manage to hide in a closet, he will probably have gotten into the room, and seen you.


  • "Ai ai ai... You've been drinking too much tequila! Let's duel!"
  • "Eet takes more than just one knock to scare this hombre!"
  • "Y-You can't scare m-me with just t-two leetle knocks!"
  • "AAAAAHHHH! I deedin't think I'd actually heet anything!"
  • "Somebodys out to get me!.. Who..Who are you!?"
  • "I am in love with you Senorita!"
  • "Eh, senorita! These flowers are for you!.. Take them".