"Serves you right! Now you belong only to my brother!"

Cactus Girl (UK voice actress : Carol Ann Day/Seiyu : Mikako Sato) is the younger sister of Cactus Gunman. Although not a revolutionary herself, she ironically has much better aim than her brother. Instead of side arms, however, Cactus Girl’s weapon of choice is the lasso.

In the animeEdit

Cactus Girl first premieres in the second mainstream anime and appears in all the seasons thereafter. Her biggest role in any of them comes in The Bloody Karte, where she comes to the Karte hospital and winds up becoming the nurse when Catherine is promoted to doctor.

Soul CollectorEdit

Cactus Girl appears at the same time as Cactus Gunman. She does not carry a soul of her own and she will attack you whether or not you have taken her brother's. However she will not attack you when you're in her room, she will even give you hints when you talk to her. Her Horror Show is capable of stealing your items, and the speech she says for either the boy or girl are different. She does not have a visible schedule or memo sheet and mostly remains in her room with the exception of visiting her brother. As such, she is restricted to the 1st floor (2nd in American conventions).

Like her brother, she is fast - however, also like her brother, she won't use her lasso to stun or damage you outside of a Horror Show, which is very strange.