Angel Herb

An Angel Herb found in the player's room.

Angel Herb is an extremely rare item in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. Only three are in the game: one in the player's room, one in Angel/Devil Dog's room, and one in Gregory Mama's room. Angel Herb does not regenerate, hence it is why it is an extremely rare item. One is also in the possession of Neko Zombie and will exchange it for chocolate (this is a tie-in to how to get Neko Zombie's soul, as it shows that chocolate is Neko Zombie's favorite food); to get it, go into the Manager's Office behind the front desk in the Lobby and knock on one of the beds to find the chocolate.

When you're carrying an Angel Herb, if your Mental Gauge drops to zero, the herb will revive you and completely restore your Mental Gauge.

Trivia Edit

  • The use of herbs in the game may be that Capcom also made Resident Evil where you use herbs to regain health.