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"I didn't let him escape. I just guided him. And where I guide him..."

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"...Depends on my mood that day!"

Angel/Devil Dog is a resident of Gregory House. She often appears to others in her friendly inviting angel form, but switches sides once who's she's guiding is out of earshot. She and Gregory are shown to be on harsh terms. She conjures a door reading "Heaven or Hell" for people to travel through; however, even she doesn't know which way the path leads.

Angel/Devil Dog is the most obscure of the characters that appear in the game; she only appears in the first mainstream season of the anime, while the others had appeared more often. DescriptionEdit

The treacherous and untrustworthy Devil Dog often appears to her victims first in her friendly Angel Dog form. Imagine the relief of a terrified Gregory House guest at the sight of the glowing, friendly Angel Dog, surely coming to their rescue. In a flash, however, Angel Dog is transformed into a snarling, evil apparition with a pitchfork - Devil Dog! The canine curmudgeon loves nothing more than banishing victims to Hell!

Voice ActorsEdit

English (US)Chris Simms
English (UK)Chris Simms
JapaneseRei Sakuma


Angel/Devil Dog is the eleventh guest in the hotel that holds a soul. She appears on the fourth night, along with My Son and Clock Master. Her room is the Heaven or Hell room in Basement LV 1.


At 6:00 PM, Angel Dog will be in the Lounge, waiting to watch her football/soccer game on the TV. However, at that time, Gregory comes in to clean the Lounge, causing an argument between the two. To get Angel Dog's soul, retrieve Gregory's dirty magazine from the storeroom and have it be your equipped key item shortly before 6:00 PM. Wait for Gregory at the Lounge door and give him the magazine. He will run off to hide it again and forget about cleaning the Lounge. Watch Angel Dog through the keyhole and eventually she will approach the TV, leaving her soul behind on the table. Watch out for other guests at that time as you head in to retrieve the soul.


  • "This is the last time! Are you going, or not?"
  • "Now I want you to remember something. There was a way out all along. You just couldn't see it."
  • "So what if I'm a dog? Better than being a crazy rat!"
  • "I'll save you this time, but just this once~!"


  • Although Angel/Devil Dog is referred to as a male in the description, the character is more often described as a female by most other sources.'s description may have this error due to mistranslation.